league of legends player count

As Fortune has reported, League of Legends has seen its user base increase rapidly as more and more gamers flock to the growing eSports. If you're keeping track, the last time we talked about League of Legends player numbers, Curiosity had just landed on Mars, “Gangnam Style” could be heard. League of Legends Surpasses Million Monthly Active Players - IGN Since the last count in , the number has grown over 30 million. You google "Varus" or "Varus lol" and click the lolwiki link. Same sentiment around arguments-from-data-you-won't-publically-release; all of them boil down to "trust us! I get that we want answers right away or quickly as possible and we deserve them for sure. Especially having one before the Extra wild online spielen Season mage update. You dont do that if its a shinking ship what some are presuming. league of legends player count


Why is League of Legends the biggest game in the world?